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    After doing MBBS from the College Of Medical Sciences, Delhi University in 1978, he did his Master in Surgery (MS) from AIIMS, New DElhi in 1982. He worked as a Senior Resident in AIIMS from 1983 to 1985 and further in PGIMER, Chandigarh from 1985 to 1987. He also qulaified in M.Ch. Plastic Surgery from PGIMER in 1987. He joined as a Consultant Surgeon (Plastic and Microvascular) in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in August 1987. He has been trained in various institutions in India and abroad. He has also visited varios world centres like Barcelona, New York Medical Centre and Laser Centres in England. His field of interest is Cosmetic, Oculo Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgery. He has presented his work in different professional meetings. He is a member of the following societies: Association of Surgeons of India Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Indian Medical Association Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicines Inc.

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Breast augumentation can be done by two methods by silicone implant or by autologous fat grafting. Infection ,deformity in shape ,changes in firmness...
Answered on : 04 Sep 2013

The line is because there is loss of subcutaneous tissue at that site. To make it better we need to fill this up. Please get in touch with your...

Answered on : 27 Jul 2009

Loose skin may be treated by fillers like fat graft or any other artificial filler.

Answered on : 03 Mar 2009

Transfer from her toes is the only way to get back her fingers. It should be done after 5 years of age.

Answered on : 19 Jan 2009

You can never conceive after a sex change operation because genetically you will always be a male.
A doctor will always be able to tell you...

Answered on : 27 Sep 2008

Yes, your cheeks can be made fuller by autologous fat grafting as it is your own tissue. It does not cause any reaction.

Answered on : 18 Apr 2008

About Rs. 95,000/- in a shared accommodation in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

Answered on : 08 Jan 2008

Naevus of Otta is a type of birth mark. Yes, it can be helped by laser resurfacing. Generally, more than five sittings are required depending upon...

Answered on : 04 Dec 2007

Possibly you have a cleft lip nose. This will require a lip correction and rhinoplasty. This is a specialised operation and cost around Rs 40000...

Answered on : 09 Jan 2007

Nose surgery usually involves around Rs. 35,000. In ten to 15 days you will be able to rejoin your work. This does involve reshaping of bone,...

Answered on : 03 Oct 2006
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