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    Dr Ashish Bawa is guest faculty with Dept. of INGAF, Ministry of Finance, Govt of India . He graduated in Occupational Therapy and Post Graduated in Stress Management. He is faculty to Pioneer University, UK and has authored a specialising course in Geriatric Medicine. He has been in practice since 1998 and contributing write ups and columns to various magazines and newspapers. His clinic address: The Apollo Clinic, Rajouri Garden, Delhi; MKW Hospital, Rajouri Garden, Delhi. He has been conducting seminars and workshops in "Ergonomics & Stress Management".


    His fields of interest are rehabilitation of Neuro pediatric cases like Cerebral Palsy (Spastic), Autism, Spina Bifida. Neurological cases like Stroke (Hemiplegia), Parkinson's Disease, etc. His role in their rehabilitation is towards the joint protection, attaining of voluntary control over their body, protecting them from complications like bed sores, contractures/ deformities and targeting them towards self dependence. The other field of interest is ergonomic (workplace medicine) and stress management for, which he conducts workshops at corporate and institutional level.


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