What does my semen analysis suggest?

I am a 24 years old male. I underwent a semen analysis, which showed total sperm count - 35 million; sperm volume - 2.5 ml, colour - grayish, liquefaction time was 25 minutes, pus cells - 6-8 / HPF, appearance was thick, active - 20%, sluggish - 30% and dead - 50%. What does my semen analysis suggest?


Your semen analysis shows a normal sperm count and volume but has a large number of pus cells and a longer liquefaction time that may indicate an infection or inflammation either in the testis, epididymis or prostate. Despite unprotected normal regular intercourse, normal semen parameters and a normal partner, a couple may take up to a year for a successful natural pregnancy. If you want a quicker outcome, you may have to resort to assisted fertilisation techniques like intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilisation.