How can my impotence be treated?

I am a 39 years old impotent man who has tried various medicines including Ayurvedic ones but none of any help. I am unable to perform totally with my wife. I have good early morning erection, but at the time of performing I just can't. I have done various tests and the report stated - fasting blood sugar - 89 mg/dl, testosterone - 490 ng/dl, prolactin - 10.2 ng/ml, TSH - 3.53, FSH - 3.3 miu/ml, LH - 2.28 miu/ml, DHEA-Sulphate – 154 mcg/ml. What should I do? Please advise.


Your tests are fine and if you have normal erections in the morning, there is unlikely to be any organic cause of your impotence. It is likely to be a psychological factor, which is not uncommon. You could best be advised by a urologist with sexual dysfunction specialty and seek his advice.

Be careful on Ayurveda preparation as at times they contain heavy metals, which could harm your kidneys.