Will my wife’s and my different blood group affect our child’s health?

My 25 years old wife's blood group is A negative and mine is O positive. My wife is now three months pregnant. Will there be any problem with our child’s health? What care should we be taking?


Here in the possibility is that of Rh incompatibility. Since you are Rh positive the baby is likely to be Rh positive as well. This is so because the Rh positivity is a dominant factor. Now, generally, first pregnancy is not affected, since the production of antibodies is late and by that time the baby is delivered. It is invariable the 2nd pregnancy onwards that the problem arises and this can affect the 2nd baby to the extent that the child can die in the uterus. I am sure that your obstetrician will be taking all the precautions, which includes administration of anti-D injections, especially at the time of delivery. Also, the feto-maternal haemorrhage should be kept to minimum. I would suggest to get in touch with your obstetrician to understand it better.