Is Dexona effective for rashes?

I am having some itching and rashes on the lower portion of my abdomen. I was planning to take either Avil or Dexona for this purpose. Which will be the better option? I heard Avil is more harmful to body than Dexona? I have Erythromycin with me but kind of worried to take any without any prescription.


Dexona is a steroid and is to be taken only when there is allergy that does not respond to simple anti-allergy drugs like cetirizine (sold under the brand name of Ceticad) 10 mg once daily for 4-5 days. Avil causes lot of drowsiness and reduces alertness and hence driving is prohibited. It is better to take Ceticad. Erythromycin has no role in allergy. It is an antibiotic.