Which is the most comfortable position to lie in during pregnancy?

I am about 20 weeks pregnant and feel only slight fetal movements, though I am not sure if these are movements or some gas rumbling inside. The movements are restricted to the lower abdomen and I feel them more when I sit on the chair or squat or when I lie towards my right side. Is it normal to feel movements in the lower abdomen first? My doctor advised me to lie towards the left side but I feel more comfortable when I lie towards my right side. She also said that the blood flow to the fetus is better in this position. Is this true and, which position is best to lie in?


The uterus at this period of gestation is only up to the umbilicus (belly button), roughly. Therefore, you will feel the movements only in the lower abdomen. You can lie down in whichever position in which you are comfortable - preferably one or other side - which is usually comfortable to most of us.