Can Frisium be used as an alternative to Sabril in children?

My daughter has epilepsy due to tuberous sclerosis. She is 7 months old. The doctor has prescribed Sabril tablets to control the epilepsy, but these tablets are very costly. One tablet costs Rs. 40. She has to take 2 tablets everyday, which means 80 Rupees everyday. How can a middle class person afford such a costly drug? On the Internet I found that in place of Sabril, Frisium can be taken. Please guide me abut this drug.


Sabril is a brand name; the name of medicine is vigabatrin. It can be used in infants.
Even though there are alternative medications available for controlling seizures such as clobazam (Frisium), lamotrigine (Lametec) etc., they are not recommended for use in children below 3 years (clobazam) and 2 years (lamotrigine) because safety and efficacy has not been established in those age groups.

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