How can I get rid of scars on the nose due to wearing spectacles?

I have been wearing spectacles for the past 10 years. These have caused black marks on the nose due to nose pads of the spectacles. Now I have started using contact lenses. The scar on the left side of the nose is worse as I met with an accident 7 years back. My friend suggested applying E-Oil as a remedy. How can I get rid of these marks?


You are basically talking about 2 things:
1. Hyperpigmentation (dark colour)
2. Scar due to an accident
Now that you are no longer wearing spectacles and have switched to contact lenses so the hyperpigmentation will not increase at least but you can apply a hydroquinone cream with a low potency steroid cream to reduce your pigmentation problem.
Scar - if at all it is a scar, it will not go by Vitamin E or any other medication. Help from a plastic surgeon needs to be taken.