Which are the good lubricants one can use for increasing sexual pleasure?

I am 45 years old man with normal health and enjoy sexual intercourse at regular interval. Some times I feel burning sensation and also at times ejaculation is little early. I would like to know the name of lubricants/ creams to reduce burning sensation in penis and to increase the sexual pleasure. Also, name of any cream/spray to blunt sensation for increasing the longevity of intercourse. I have seen in porn films putting rubber band at the root of erected penis while performing intercourse. Is it done to increase longevity of intercourse and is it ok.


You can use vegetable oil, KY jelly or even vaseline although you should not have needed it unless the vagina is dry. If your wife is prepared physically and mentally there is enough lubrication. There are no creams available to enhance pleasure. One should not apply anything like local anaesthetic as it will desensitise vagina as well. For delaying ejaculation, you can try Indian viagra in low doses i.e. half tab. of 25 mg one hour before sex. You should not be taking any heart medicine if you want viagra.

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