Can a person with brain tumour receiving treatment lead a normal life?

My uncle is suffering from malignant Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma tumor of the brain . He is in WHO grade 3. He has been treated by brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I would like to know how much is the success rate and chances of leading a normal life?


An anaplastic tumour contains highly malignant cancer cells. Such cells often defy any form of treatment, continue to multiply rapidly and spread to involve neighbouring parts of the brain. Your uncle has received all the available forms of therapy. His surgeon will watch the effects of treatment and check whether the tumour has been kept under control. If it continues to grow despite these therapies, he may consider a further attempt at reducing its size surgically as a last resort. Much will depend on the rate of growth of the tumour and its response or lack of response to treatment. It is not possible to make a prediction on success or failure from this distance.