Can medicine for insomnia be taken regularly without any side effects?

Ive been taking the drug Nipam (Nitrazepam) for the last 2 months as I was suffering from hypersomnia and could sleep for only 2-3 hours on a normal hectic day of regular physical activity due to severe depression, which I confronted lately. I didn’t consult any doctor as I knew they would dub it rubbish as I am only 19 years old. I used to take 2 tablets at night daily (1 mg) and after that it all turned to normal. Now I can sleep for 8-10 hours daily. I just want to know can I continue it for a longer period? Can it have any side effects or is it addictive as I read somewhere that it could lead to glaucoma. I am really in a fix and don’t know what to do. I would like to make an earnest request to you to please guide me as to what to do?


You are suffering from Insomnia of recent onset with underlined anxiety as the major reason. You should avoid pills like Nitrazepam which can become addictive. If you are already on 2 tablets daily night then reduce it to 1 tablet for 10 days and then stop altogether. Meanwhile you could take a tablet of Eternex (Melatonin) 3 mg daily before sleep. Its a safe and milder medicine without any side effect.
You should also take sleep hygiene precautions. They are:
-regular exercise,
-proper time of meal,
-avoidance of coffee and tea after 6:00 pm,
-regular time for bed,
-maintenance of worry/sleep diary and
-positive attitude in life.