Obscessive compulsive disorder

I am suffering from a peculiar psychological problem. So many irrational thoughts running into my mind which are affecting my beviour there by my social life and causing lot of stress.It get stated like this. A feeling gradually developed in my mind that whenever I am looking at a women I am observing her breasts. I tried not to look at that but I failed to control and repeatedly looking in the same direction. Due this embarrasing situation I started avoiding to look at them while talking to any women and trying to avoid interation. I behave normally till that obnormal thought come to mind.It didnt end there, I gradually developed another feeling that I may look at belt buckle of a man when I am talking to him and facing the similar problem as above. Now it become so worse that whenever I am interacting with anybody I am constantly worrying. I am facing lot of problem due to this kind of behaviour and also mentally stressed. I want to lead a normal life. Please advise me.


You seem to be suffering from obscessive compulsive disorder. This is characterised by:
-repetitive irrational ideas, images or impulses [like u have]
-which intrude into your mind, disturb u because you are aware that they are not rational or are bad,
- are uncontrollable and cause anxiety
- You may try various methods to stop them usually without success.
-This may progress to or begin with repetitive acts like washing hands or checking things.
-Gradually it affects your day to day life.
-It is caused by biological changes in the brain.It may be hereditary ,sometimes.
-Persons suffering from this disorder often either do not seek treatment or continue with it and therefore keep suffering for years. This is my sincere advice to u that u should go to a psychiatrist for assessment and follow his or her advice and treatment. This illness can be treated with drugs and behaviour therapy,often in combination.