Surgery for hernia

I had a hernia surgery on my spinal cord. The anaesthetist gave me an injection in my spinal column. Now I get severe pain in that area sometimes, whenever I pick up some heavy object or even otherwise. What could be the cause and what should I do about it?


The pain described appears to be occuring from the vertebral column - Bone Pain and does not appear to be originating from the nerves of the spinal cord. Spinal anaesthesia can rarely cause such pain, if repeated attempts of needle insertion have been made during administration of this anaesthesia. This pain is caused by injury to the ligaments supporting the vertebra. Second cause of pain could be simple spondylitis of the lumbar spine. The treatment of this pain involves regular spinal exercises, simple analgesic administration by mouth and taking precautions such as avoiding forward bending and lifting heavy weights. Local application of heat, short/micro waves, analgesic creams/gel are also helpful for the same.