Allergic nasal bronchitis

I am 53 years old. I developed Allergic Nasal Bronchitis four years ago while in Delhi. The problem was attributed to dust and vehicular pollution and since then I am on inhalers. The problem continued and worsened at Kanpur where I worked during the last two years. Now I am back in Delhi and continue to suffer. The problem becomes acute and unbearable during winter and summer months. Will moving out of Delhi help?


No doubt it is due to an allergic condition and could be attributable to the pollution and vehicle smoke as has been mentioned. But it may also be due to other allergens. In allergy, the main line of management rests upon:
1. Allergy testing, and if indicated a desensitization therapy of the allergen detected.
2. If a nasal obstruction exists or occurs then in that case a CT scan of the nose and the paranasal sinuses along with a diagnostic nasal endoscopy is required.
3. A blood test for immunoglobulin levels and an eosinophilic count. It is difficult to say whether this condition can be cured or not without knowing more about your condition through the investigations mentioned above. Moving out of Delhi may or may not help. This can only be ascertained if you shift to a particular place for some time, and find out for yourself, making it quite an empirical and at times an impractical approach.