LASIK eximer

Please advise if LASIK eximer treatment for treating short-sightedness is safe and without any side effect.


No surgical procedure is without side effects and a small element of risk. The same holds good with LASIK. As with any surgical preocedure, LASIK (Excimer) laser surgery has some possible risks and side effects that have to be taken into account. However you should remember that a specific end result cannot be guaranteed although it can be closely predicted based on data from thousands of previous cases. Serious complications are very rare. Infection is the largest risk but its occurrence is extremely infrequent if done at a reputed centre under the prescribed norms, and the pre operative & post operative instructions are followed.
Patients may experience some light sensitivity or glare for a few days or weeks, halo effects from bright lights at night or decreased visual clarity in dim light, and slightly drier eyes. Complications related to the flap can occur but in most cases can be successfully managed. These effects decrease and disappear as the eye heals. Occasionally some may persist and may need further use of glasses or contact lenses.