Erectile dysfunction

I am having a problem of erectile dysfunction due to which I cannot sustain an erection for long. I face difficulty during sexual intercourse, do not enjoy it and feel worried about my sexual life. What should I do?


I understand the distress you have about your erectile problem. Here are a few important points you need to realize:
(1) Erection is a complex process which is influenced by many factors like age, situation, physical and psychological health.
(2) It is a more common problem than most people realise and is sometimes temporary. If it continues for some weeks or months, it is good to seek professional help from sexologists, psychiatrists or urologists.
(3) Assessment of erectile dysfunction and diagnosis of the underlying cause requires a careful consideration of many possible aspects of physical and psychological nature.
I am sure that if you consult one of the professionals in your city/town, it will be possible to understand the cause of your problem and provide the possible help.