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Digvijay Singh
My wife is being diagnosed for pott’s spine in the last week of April. Below is the impression of the MRI conducted The bony antero-posterior lumbar canal dimensions at midvertebrallevels from L 1 to 81 in mm. measure approx. as - L 1 - 14.8 L2 - 14.2 L3 - 13.7 L4 - 13.2 L5 - 12.8 S1 - 12.2 Suggesting no developmental/bony canal stenosis. IMPRESSION An inhomogeneous marrow edema, areas of cortical erosion & partial collapse of D11 vertebral body with associated subtle marrow edema in inferior half of D10 body & minimal paravertebral & epidural soft tissue as described above, suggesting Infective Spondylitis with minimal apscess / granulation tissue formation. Minimal soft tissue in anterior & left lateral epidural space of the .spinal canal at D11 vertebral & D12- L1 IV disk levels, producing compression of exiting & foraminal left nerve root at this level. A diffuse annular bulge with a propensity towards the left at L4-5, producing left IV neural foraminal narrowing & mild compression of thecal sac & exiting left nerve root. A mild diffuse annular bulge with a propensity towards the left at L5-S1, producing minimal indentation of foraminal left L5 nerve root. She has been taking AKT-4 treatment since 21st April, 08 till today, but there is no relief her backeck and instead the pain has increased additionally She is now feeling pain in her legs also with mild fever and headache. Please advice if this increase in pain is normally observed in this disease or not. If observed then how long it will take to get any relief from pain.