Top 5

How to lose weight?

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grain products like wheat. Increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, millet (jowar) and barley (bajra)
  2. Restrict refined products such as flour (maida) and its products such as bread, noodles, macaronis and pastas in regular diet. Restrict fat and cholesterol rich foods. Only non-vegetarian foods (like eggs and dairy products) are good sources of cholesterol, however saturated fatty acids present in butter, ghee, vanaspati and coconut get metabolised to cholesterol in our body. Reduce the amount of sugars consumed

  3. Limit salt intake and  have small portions of food at a time. Do not skip meals

  4. Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses) daily

  5. Exercise regularly. Do brisk walking at least for 20-40 minutes in a day