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How to keep your feet healthy?

  • Inspect your feet daily - Look carefully for blisters, calluses, sores and cuts, especially between toes. Consult a dermatologist if you notice something wrong with the skin.

  • Wash and moisten your feet - Wash your feet with warm, not hot, water daily. Don't soak your feet. Dry them well, especially between the toes. To keep your feet from getting too dry, use a small amount of moisturiser daily.

  • Get the right shoes - Make sure your shoes fit well. Stay away from pointed shoes, which crowd the toes, and those with seams inside the toe box, which can irritate them.

  • Avoid stinky feet - Wear clean dry socks everyday and change them often if your feet get sweaty. Comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breath will prevent them from sweating and decrease the chances of foot odor developing.

  • Massage them - Treat your feet to a pedicure or massage every two to three months to keep your feet smooth and clean.