Top 5

Prevent HIV infection

  1. Practice safe sex - Condoms provide the most effective means of preventing HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during sexual intercourse. But to be effective, condoms must be used correctly and must be applied onto the penis prior to any oral, vaginal, or anal contact.

  2. Avoid sex with multiple partners - It is best that you confirm the HIV status of your partner before entering into a physical relation with him/her. Avoid sex with multiple partners.

  3. Know your partner's sexual history -Talk to your partner about past and present sexual history. Do not have sex with anyone who refuses to disclose information about their sexual status.

  4. Be loyal to your partner - It is best to have a monogamous, long-term relationship with a partner whom you know well, who has been tested and found to be free from HIV.

  5. Use a condom - If either you or your partner or both of you are infected with HIV, always use a latex condom to prevent other sexually transmitted infections (STDs).